Filled with a pastel coloured joie de vivre, you don’t need to look far into Micha’s story to understand why. Although potentially a dark moment, it was in fact a near death experience that gave the project its name. Scuba diving in Malaysia, Micha’s tank got jammed underwater meaning he had to race to the surface on his final breath of air. Once on land, his adrenaline fuelled recounting of the tale blurred into an entire night’s worth of partying. When he woke up he noticed the words ‘Kita Menari’ scribbled on a piece of paper found in his pocket:

“I don’t know how it got there and I didn’t know that the words meant ‘we dance’ in Malay. As soon as I found out I thought ‘that’s it’! From now on that is going to be the motto of my song writing”.

On returning to the Netherlands, Micha set about approaching song writing from a new, reflective angle. What transpired was a sound as vibrant as Passion Pit with the electronic hooks of MGMT and sonic energy of Parisian dance pop icons Phoenix.

Another formative quirk comes in his irregular living arrangements. He resides in a 40-hectare estate called Doorn Huis, famous for being the final home and now resting place of Germany’s last Kaiser, Wilhelm II. “In the Netherlands the government has a program where you can apply to live in some weird and wonderful places to deter squatters and burglars” de Jonge mentions. “I won’t bore you with the history but it means I’m surrounded by gardens, fields, even a palace, it’s a really incredible environment which helps to inspire the music I write.”

Kita Menari have had a string of success already in the Netherlands – debut single Young Lovers found itself included on Apple Music’s ‘Best Of The Week’ as well as Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ in both the UK and NL, where it would go on to appear in the top 5 of both countries Spotify Viral Charts. Micha quickly set about putting a band together and they were soon invited to play on the biggest public radio station Radio 2FM and alternative station 3FM. All this before they had even played one live show. Their debut performance came in front of more than one million people on popular Dutch TV-show De Wereld Draait Door before a sold-out headline show at Paradiso in Amsterdam.

Kita Menari begin what will be a very busy 2019 with their most important show to date at Eurosonic Noordeslag / ESNS in Groningen on January 19th.