On their debut EP Lagoon the five piece band from Amsterdam introduce us to a selection of fresh and exciting indie pop songs that calls every listener to embrace life. Lagoon was written as a tribute to the fragility of life and was birthed through an experience of lead singer Micha de Jonge. “I was diving in this incredible lagoon in Malaysia, really soaking in my surroundings when suddenly my oxygen tank jammed. I very quickly went from serenity to panic as I fought my way to the surface before the end of my last breath”.

That night whilst partying with new friends on the island, Micha began to reflect on his near death experience and determined to celebrate life he danced till dawn. The next day when he awoke from the previous night, he found a scrap of paper in his pocket with the words ‘Kita menari” written on it. “I didn’t know how it got there”, said De Jonge, “and I didn’t know that the words meant ‘we dance’ in Malaysian. As soon as I found out I thought ‘that’s it’! From now on that is going to be the motto of my songwriting”.

According to De Jonge, the fragility of life should lead us to a greater celebration of life. For him, to dance in the face of adversity is the only way to remove lifes intensity… its what makes him feel human. By letting go of life’s serious side the band enjoy life to the fullest and this is certainly reflected in the absolute joy of the songs of Kita Menari. Micha: “Everything in life becomes relative if you think about what would happen to the world if you would no longer be here. Because nothing would change. One person is just not that important, life’s beat goes on. For me, that means I can go through life rather careless. Like a child, in a flow. It’s a knowledge I cherish.”

Kita Menari got a kickstart when their first single Young Lovers immediately landed in the ‘New Music Friday’ playlist on Spotify upon its release on May 5th 2017. The track hit both the UK Spotify Viral Charts and the Netherlands Spotify Viral Charts, with a place in the top five. The band were invited to play various Dutch radio shows, including both Radio 2FM (biggest public radiostation in the country), 3FM and Veronica. They were picked as ‘Nieuwe Naam’ (New Name) by Radio 2FM, where the DJ’s chose Young Lovers as their top pick of the week, before a single live show had been announced. Their live performance in the most popular Dutch tv-show De Wereld Draait Door was seen by more than a million people. Lagoon was released with a sold out show in Paradiso Amsterdam on February 13th 2018, followed by a tour in The Netherlands and their new single Little Riddle getting playlisted on Radio 2FM, their third single to do so.

Kita Menari is ready to spread some positivity into the world, with exciting live shows and songs that make you want to give life your all. The first international tour is scheduled for the summer of 2018. Are you ready to celebrate life with Kita Menari?